Eshi Otawara

Lacosta- McQueen, Vasique and Awaken

I was thrilled when I was approached by Kimmy Inkpen approached me and asked me to blog these for her.  Each dress is a statement piece and they are simply wonderful and inspirational.

The first of the three designs that I wouild like to share with you is


McQueen is made with a striking monochrome checkered texture which gives it that air of realism.  Its a unique design with spikes at the neckline keeping any wondering hands at bay.

Next on my list is Vasique

The shapes and fabric marry well together, again forming a striking garment.  As you can see from the image, the top and the skirt are sculpted and are made in such a way that they give this outfit a runway couture edge.  I can almost see it cruising down the runway in RL.

Last but not least is Awaken.

What a simple yet brilliant and once again striking design.  The classic triangular shape with pleats give this outfit its meaning.  There is something strangely delicate about this strong design.  It gets a huge thumbs up from me. 

You can find Kimmy’s designs on the market place here .

I really do hope you enjoy them as much as I have. 


Pic 1

Hair – Slightly Unusual – Eshi Otawara

Lips – Monochrome lipsticks 010 – .

Gloves – Open if you Dare – Vita’s Boudoir

Shoes – Grace/ black – Desire Heels

Pic 2

Hair – Boon

Lips – Monochrome lipsticks 010 – .

Gloves – Open if you Dare – Vita’s Boudoir

Shoes – Grace/ black – Desire Heels

Ring – part of kuroi outfit by Eshi Otawara

Pic 3

Lips – Monochrome lipsticks 010 – .

Gloves – Open if you Dare – Vita’s Boudoir

Ring – part of kuroi outfit by Eshi Otawara

Flower – Lacosta packaging (yes I loved it so much I used it in the shots).

All poses


Thank you for making it happen :)


We all knew it was coming, there was much preparation for it and finally the arrival of mesh came earlier this week.  I have been fascinated by it and wanted to see how it would work with my current avatar. 

Love it or hate it we are going to have to get used to it if we want to continue to work, play and enjoy Second Life as the introduction of mesh represents the way forward.  This will impact on (among other things) SL fashion and will change the way we wear and style our clothing.  I am concentrating on this aspect as this is what I spend most of my Second Life engaged in. 

The dress that I am wearing in the photo is one made with the mesh technology newly introduced to Second Life.  It is a one piece garment including the frill detail which you see on the front.   So far the garments that I have tried, come with an alpha layer which you first put on before wearing the garment.  The garment itself is mesh.  You put it on and voila!   I have to be careful here as technically mesh already existed in Second Life, since our avatars are mesh, as are sculpts and prims.  The newly introduced mesh allows us to wear a dress such as this one without necessarily having to wear a textured layer top, pants and additional parts to complete the garment. 

For those of us who are models, my first impression was favourable as I loved the seemless finish of skirts, dresses and pants.  I did become a little concerned however, about how we would be able to mix and match items in the way we have become accustomed since the mesh outfits are non mod.  I cannot really comment at this stage as I need to investigate a little more. 

The dress I have on in the image is attached to my spine and adjusts to fit your shape in most cases.  I did have to fiddle a bit with my shape to make it work right and I did notice that it moved through my body a bit as I walked.

Currently, you need to have a mesh enabled viewer such as viewer 3 or Kirstens to be able to wear or see mesh clothing correctly.  The other criteria for seeing mesh correctly is that you need to be on a mesh enabled sim.

Some stores such as Slink are providing free samples of mesh clothing to try.  The dress which I am wearing, was a group gift from Hucci. 


Dress – Tripple Ruffle Mesh Mini Dress- Hucci (group gift)

Hat – Miss Romantic – BaOboa

Purse- Black Gems are Forever – Eshi Otawara

Jacket – part of Ciara work attire – Diram

Fishnet stockings – Rock Me Amadeus

Earrings – Noga/Diamond – Finesmith Designs

Necklace and bracelet – Mary- Finesmith Designs

Thank you for making it happen :D