NAME: Leah Portland

DoB     : 11/28/2008

I’m a professional certified, runway, store and print model.  I am also an instructor and blogger.  I am very hard working and ambitious and I enjoy all aspects of my work.

I see myself as someone who maintains professionalism at all times.

I’ve trained hard to get to where I am now in a fast moving industry which is notoriously hard to conquer.


Graduate of Ewing Fashion Academy ~ June 2009

Graduate of SuperElite Fashion Academy ADVANCED ~ September 2009

Graduate of Avenue Modelling Academy ~ October 2009

Graduate of Mimmi Boa School of Modelling ~ December 2009

Graduate of Fashion Institute Associates Degree Programme ~ January 2010

Graduate of Miss Virtual World Modelling Academy ~ March  2010


International model agency -Naiyah Dreamscape show -January 09

Rock me Amadeus- Angels roadshow – February 09 (consisted of several shows).

Uptown Modelling Inc.- Fashion show – March 09

International Model Agency – Lady Thera and MEB Fashion Show – April 09

Envogue – BadKatz fashiobn show – April 09

Sascha Frangillis- Sascha show – May 09

Tribal Bamboo Store – Tribal Bamboo Store – July 09

Elegance International Model Agency – Janetka Ling skin show.

Catalyst of Fantasy Model Agency – Opening show- August ’09

Sascha Frangilli – show – August 2009

JSE Modelling Agency – Grand Opening fashion Show – August 2009.

Ewing Fashion Agency – EFA Alumni show – September 2009

Catalyst of Fantasy Modelling Agency- Catfish Show – October 2009

Elegance International Model Agency – Blue Diamond Show – November 2009

Kabuki – My Precious Butterfly Show – November 2009

Kabuki- Naughty or Nice Show – December-2009

JSE Winter Wonderland Show -Dec 09

Kabuki- Mona Lisa Couture show- January 2010

JSE-The forgotten -January 2010

Hearts for Haiti benefit show – February 2010

Glitterati show-courtesy of Sascha- February 2010

SuperElite SuperSearch -Lady Thera show April 2010

Evane- Urban show -April 2010

HoB- Alice in Wonderland show April 2010

SuperElite SuperSearch – Lady Thera show April 2010

SuperElite SuperSearch 2010- Miss Spring  April 2010

JSE Miss Sudan Show – May 2010

JE Republic show – May 2010

House of Beningborough show –  May 2010

JSE Saige Elton show -June 2010

SSMA-Backyard Beach show –  July 2010

premiere Modelling Agency- Midi opening celebration-August 2010

EVANE- Anubis show -August 2010

Face of Beningborough 2011 opening show – August 2010

Call for Couture show- October 2010


Catalyst of Fantasy Calender
Catalyst of Fantasy Group magazine shoot
Freebie Fashionista blog site
BodyStudy Vendor
BodyStudy Breast Cancer Awareness campaigne
Rock Me Amadeus Store Poster
JSE Magazine shoot
Tribal Bamboo poster
Avenue Magazine shoot for Angel Dessous
Vendor Model for sf design
Vendor model for Morgane Batista’s pose store
Vendor model for sf design
Vendor model for leimoni

Vendor model for Angel Dessous Oct ’10 Thankyou to Synthia Quintessa of PriMajicka_Studios for the fantastic video!

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