Vero Modero – Fabulous New Releases- Yaz set Oriental, Windy Asian Cream, Windy Asian Satin Ocaliptus

Welcome back :)  as promised I have some lovely new releases to show you from Vero Modero.

First up is the Yaz Oriental set…

Yaz includes the top, jeans and bracelets which are shown.  This is a smart casual outfit which easy to wear and is ready for when you are.

Next is the Windy Asian Cream set

The set consits of the short skirt and the silk scarf top.  Asian Cream is a casual fun to wear outfit which is just lovely for the end of summer into autumn season.  Stretch out your summer!

Last but no least is the Satin Ocaliptus…

the top in this set is similar to the Asian Cream but is instead teamed with jeans which incidentally have two types of leg prims.  The prims shown are the leg cuffs.

Pretty impressive stuff from Vero Modero.  Why not nip down to the store and pick something you fancy? :D

Your Limo awaits

Vero Modero.



Boots – !Oh – *SG

Nails – Solid – Finesmith Designs

Hair – Giabi

Hair – Giabi

Boots – !Oh – *SG

Nails – Solid – Finesmith Designs

Bracelet – Lovely – Finesmith Designs

Sunglasses – Icon Shade Muism


Hair – Liberty/ Blond – Vanity Hair

Sunglasses – Half Shutter – Kalnins

Earrings – Lovely- Finesmith Designs

Shoes – Saffron Electric pumps – Lelutka

Thank you for making it happen :D

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