Spider Lady

N1CO- Spider Lady


I spy with my little eye, something crawling accross your wall…

it’s me of course!

I’m no black widow, I’m as friendly as they come.  I’m wearing the N1CO Spider Lady and what fun I had with styling this.  The combinations are endless, but I settled on this look. 

Spider Lady consists of the dress which you see me wearing, the collar with the web, web skirt, spider pastie, blue eye make up, face spider and gloves.  Not a bad job lot eh? (it’s ok that’s a British term for “loads of stuff“) :DRight that’s enough of climbing walls for me.   I’m a model get me out of here!

You can find Spider Lady and all her friends at N1CO Mainstore where  they will be ready to greet you and do all the running around for you while you shop.


Hair – Arachne / Ebony- Tukinowaguma

Lipstick – Les Lipstick/blue – Baiastice

Shoes – Bare Lucille – Stiletto Moody

Thank you for making it happen :)