AZOURY – Dahlia

Take a look at Azoury Dahlia

As usual Seetan  Mayhem has used a great combination of colours to produce this outfit which contains some military elements.  I just love the whole mix element.  It excites me.

You can find Dahlia in loads of different colours along with other goodies at Azoury France Couture.


Hair – Whiskey II/dark brown – LoQ

Earrings – Kayma Inspiration – Finesmith Designs

Nails – Solid/yellow – Finesmith Designs

Pose – Agape

Thank you for making it happen :)

Finesmith Designs – Liquid, Asia and Sylphia

Yula is back folks \ O / yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!  

And she has been busy feeding our passion for her jewellery. 

This is Liquid, jewellery which just drapes your body in finery.  Powerful, yet beautiful Liquid falls just at the right points to bring out your beauty.

Wow Yula!  This is Asia and it is just amazing.  I simply love this set.  It lends itself well to both formal and casual wear.  It reminds me of a dandelion clockJust blow the seeds and make a wish!  It’s the sort of jewellery that I will just wear and wear and wear.  You can’t pass this one up. 

Finesmith Sylphia is brilliant.  Seriously, where else would you see jewellery as innovative as this apart from Finesmith?  This is an art form in itself.  If you are brave enough to wear a scorpion on your head and around your neck, then Finesmith is the place for you where you will find Sylphia.  C’mon  be brave, try it out!

I hope I have been able to tempt you enough.  If not here is something else that should really get you moving. 

This is called kiss my gem and its super cute.  What’s more, it’s a free gift from Yula and its in the store right now.  These little gems need homes.  Go on, do the right thing.

All this and more is available at Finesmith Designs New Mainstore now.



Hair – Femme Fatale Bun/ black – Paper Couture

Outfit – WildChild – Andromeda – N1CO

Skin – JULY/Crystal – [sYs]

Pose – Agape


Outfit – La Tenue Calao – Azoury

Skin – JULY/Crystal – [sYs]

Nails – Solid – Finesmith Designs

Pose – Agape


Skin – JULY/Crystal – [sYs]

Pose – Agape

Kiss My Gem

Hair – Femme Fatale Bun/ black – Paper Couture

Outfit – La Tenue Calao – Azoury

Nails – Solid – Finesmith Designs

Pose – Agape

Thank you for making it happen :D

Azoury – La Tenue Calao

More fabulousness from Azoury. 

La Tenue Calao is the perfect smart casual dress with that French couture feel. 

Calao is elegant and chic and fits your curves perfectly.  Mayhem has defined the shape with strong shoulder pads and the puffy sleeves finishes off that couture look.  The outfit includes the belt, tights and boots.  Again I really like the contrast in the use of colour. 

You’ll really love the boots, they are really high fashion and I wouldn’t mind a pair in RL :)

How cute are these?

Hair – Femme Fatale Bun/ black – Paper Couture

Jewels – Asia set – Finesmith Designs

Nails – Solid – Finsemith Designs

Pose – Agape


Azoury – La Tenue Aubepine

“Girls just wanna have fun!”  And that’s exactly what La Tenue Aubepine reminds me of. 
The shocking pinks in the outfit keeps the sun with us as we embrace Autumn. 

Included in the outfit are the dress, jacket, belt, tights and boots.  This is a great example of how you can mix a palette of different colours and shades to make an outfit that totally works.  You can pick out any of the colours to accessorise with in order to enhance.  Nothing has to match. 

Aubepine is available to purchase now at Azoury France Couture.  



Hair – Penelope/ Club black VII – MADesign

Make up – Truly Outrageous eye paints – BOOM

Gloves – Danica Driving gloves/ white – Fab.pony
Poker Gloves/ pink – Cheerno

Bracelets – Frost Bracelet/ pink and white
Fragile Bracelet – both Finesmith Designs

Pose – Agape

Thank you for making it happen :D


Model and photographer

Leah Portland



Azoury – Cape Constance and Alexis

Azoury have some nice new releases instore now.  Among them are Cape Constance with accompanying boots and the lovely Alexis full outfit. 


I’m wearing the Contance boots above along with the Cape. 


Care is needed if you are going to purchase this outfit.   The boots are mesh so need to have a mesh enabled viewer.  They are gorgeous and are this seasons syle. 


Next we have the Alexis outfit…


The whole outfit which you see me wearing here including the shoes are included.  The shoes come with a colour picker hud to help you to adust them to the correct size and colour.
You can find this and so much more at the Azoury France Couture



Enjoy your shopping: )


Hair: Alesaundra/caviar – Bliss Couture

Gloves: Racign gloves – fab.pony


thank you for making it happen :)

Azoury – Modavia Collection cont’d

If you managed to make it to the Azoury show during Modavia Fashion week, you’ll remember these unforgettable sets from
Mayhem Seetan

This delightful Autumn outfit is called Tenue Harmony and includes the shirt and collar,  belt skirt and boots.  The bright red which Mayhem has used in the boots is hot news for this season.

Akantha comes with high fashion stripes to brighten up those Autumn days.


Cargo fills that need to hang on to summer with these cool shorts, while preparing for the cool breezes with warmer layers with this stylish top.  

All of these outfits are still available to buy on the Modavia sim, so hurry to get yours. 



AZOURY – Tenue Harmony – Modavia

Hair: – Tonnelle updo/ Brunette Summer – Chantkare

Hair accessory – Kusum/ red – Chantkare

Hairbase – Baiastice

Sunglasses – Afternoon in Milan – {Gasqhe}

Gloves – Nif nif – Leezu

Bracelet – Noir – Finesmith Designs

Pose – High Pose Set 4 – Agape


Handbag – Porta Corsico – Armidi

Gloves – Nif nif – Leezu

Hair – Alisaundra – Bliss Couture

Pose – High Pose Set 4 – Agape


Hair – Alanis/ Caviar – Bliss Couture

Bracelets – Dawn/black – Finesmith Designs
Wild -           Finesmith Designs

Gloves – Poker gloves – Cheerno

To all the other designers named in this post…

thank you for making it happen :D

Azoury – Modavia collection

Thank you for visiting this blog post.  I do hope you are having a brilliant weekend. 

Last week we saw amazing shows hosted by Modavia with the latest hottest releases by very talented, top Second Life designers.  I don’t know about you but I definitely held my breath when some of the new designs appeared.   Anyway today I would like to present some of the designs that appeared on the runway.  These are the designs of Azoury. 

First is Sulla.

Sulla consists of a couture sweater, jeans, and matching shoes.  This is a comforting outfit fitting for the impending Autumn season.  I’ve teamed Sulla with hair from Truth, nif nif gloves from Leezu and a cowboy hat.  The pose is from agape. 


Next is Suedine.

In keeping with this seasons hot catwalk look, Suedine consists of a cute little short sleeve jacket, black dotted shirt with a bow to match the jacket, tartan long shorts and pumps with tartan socks.  The whole emsemble works fabulously together.  I’ve accessorized the outfit with sunglasses by Dela, gloves by Leezu (Nif Nif), and Suki hair in Saffron by Bliss Couture.


Next in line is Sisbine. 

Another autumnal tartan outfit with a matching beret.  The boots that you see here are also included with the outfit.  Very chic indeed.  I’ve added gloves by Leezu and Noga earrings by Finesmith Designs. 


Revival is the next outfit on the list.

Revival is indeed a rejuvinating outfit.  The racing green shirt, brown jacket and capri jeans are brought alive by the vibrant orange boots, which is a reminder to keep embracing that September sun.  I’ve accessorized with ISHA hair, from Lelutka, bright orange Nif Nif gloves from  Leezu, Lovely necklace anc bracelet, coloured bracelet (gift), and Noga earrings and ring all from Finesmith Designs. 


Last but not least is Promesse

Promesse is a stylish military styled coat, with patterned black leggings and yellow boots.  I’ve accessorized with gloves from The Secret Store and Policeman’s cap from Cheryl Attire by Diram.  I really admire the unique designs of Mayhem Seetan  She uses lots of colour blocking in her work yet everything makes perfect sense.  Another job well done Mayhem and congratulations on your success at Modavia :D

All of these outfits are still available to buy on the Modavia sim, so hurry to get yours. 

To all the other designers named in this post…

thank you for making it happen :D

Azoury – Tenue Myosotis & Les Bottines Myosotis

Good day! Happy Monday to you all.

More on the fashion scene from Azoury.  Tenue Myosotis is a gorgeous top and skirt set with the skirt bearing the unmistakable Azoury trademark sculpted design.  Any Azoury lover will know exactly what I am talking about.


Myosotis also has boots which compliment the outfit perfectly…

These boots are of the most amazing quality.  They have the appearance of  being made of the finest high quality, high sheen leather with fine stitching and buckle detail.  They really are a pleasure to wear and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. 

Head down to the mainstore and check out Myosotis and other new releases from Azoury.


Hair – Lenoira – Miamai

Gloves – Nif Nif – Leezu

Earrings, necklace, eyepiece, bracelet and ring – Lovely – Finesmith Designs

Thank you for making it happen :D




*NEW Release!* Azoury – Tenue Hysope Jumpsuit and Boots

New release! 

The latest from Azoury is the Tenue Hysope jumpsuit and boots.

I’m sporting the jumpsuit in black This is a daring and sexy outfit, which like all of Azoury’s designs is very unique.  I kept this one on all day, simply because I enjoyed wearing it.  The jumpsuit has collar, hip and ankle attachments which give the garment its shape.  Hysope also has matching boots…

check out these babies.  Red and black suede with side zipper and front eyelets and laces.  What’s not to like?  These are good! :)

Tenue Hysope  will be released tomorrow (August 20th), so save yourself (and your Lindens) for then and go take a look at these and other Azoury goodies down at the Azoury France Couture mainstore.

Have fun! :)


Hair – Liberty/Nova Balck – Vanity Hair

Sunglasses – Greta/ red – Artillery

Jewels – Earrings – Circle

Bracelets – Draakje & Cybergirl – Finesmith Designs

Gloves – Nif Nif/red – Leezu

Doggy – Tan Chihuahua – Zooby

Thank you for making it happen.

Azoury – Tenue Lotus

Hi everybody!  :) After having a few days off I am back again with some new releases.

The first that I would like to bring to you is Azoury Tenue Lotus

Lotus is a really nice garment to wear.  It’s simple yet stylish with character.  The top has a cute little face on, which kind of reminds me of a T.V hit which was called ” I Dream of Jeannie”.  If any of you remembers that series please do not IM me lol.   The t-shirt is teamed with these lovely shorts, scarf and cowboy boots.   The whole thing works incredibly well together to give that fashionable casual look.  

Lotus is available at Azoury France Couture mainstore now.

Go on and take a browse.   I know you will find something you like.


hat – Destiny Marx

hair – Melanie/ Chai root – Action Women

Wheat – Finesmith Design free gift

Thank you for making it happen