Yula has a heart of gold – Vero Modero, Bizarre Hair & Finesmith Designs

What will you be doing this Valentine’s Day? Expecting a nice little surprise?  As you can see I’m wearing my gold close to my heart as a big hint to my one and only.  With so many nice things out there this year to draw out our romantic sides, it was tricky to choose just a few items to compliment each other.  So I chose this amazing hair by Bizarre Hair, to work with this sumptous gown called Mimmi by Vero Modero and eye catching jewellery and hair stick by Finesmith Designs  .   As you probably know, Finesmith Designs has a Valentine’s hunt going on right now and this is where you will find Yula’s Lovespell heart of gold. 



My Style card

Gown – Mimmi Valentine gown - Vero Modero (partial mesh)

Hair – Sweetheart/cherry – Bizarre Hair

Earrings and Hairstick – Darklove Earrings/ gold

                                        Lovespell hairstick/ gold – Finesmith Designs

Lips – Valentine’s lips/Warm heart – HEADTURNERS

Nails – Fireworks - HEADTURNERS

Pose – Agapee



Valentine’s Day in a class of its own – Sf Designs, Bizarre Hair, Finesmith Designs

I seriously cannot believe it’s already 1 year ago that I did my last Valentine’s Day post.  Seriously folks, what is going on? 0_O.

This amazing gown from SF Designs, awesome hair from Bizarre Hair  and romantic gems from Finesmith Designs are the inspirations behind today’s Look. 


My Style Card

Gown – Venus/Pink (Mesh) – SF Designs

Hair – Key to My Heart – Bizarre Hair

Jewels – Darklove earrings and necklace/gold – Finesmith Designs

Eye Liner – Couture eyeliner – Glam affair

Eye make up – Angelic Lace – Make up Artist

Lipstick – Valentine Lips – Sweetheart – HEADTURNERS

Nails – Crystal Nails – HEADTURNERS

Clutch – Dudu/pink- Dela

Pose – Agapee

Lacosta- McQueen, Vasique and Awaken

I was thrilled when I was approached by Kimmy Inkpen approached me and asked me to blog these for her.  Each dress is a statement piece and they are simply wonderful and inspirational.

The first of the three designs that I wouild like to share with you is


McQueen is made with a striking monochrome checkered texture which gives it that air of realism.  Its a unique design with spikes at the neckline keeping any wondering hands at bay.

Next on my list is Vasique

The shapes and fabric marry well together, again forming a striking garment.  As you can see from the image, the top and the skirt are sculpted and are made in such a way that they give this outfit a runway couture edge.  I can almost see it cruising down the runway in RL.

Last but not least is Awaken.

What a simple yet brilliant and once again striking design.  The classic triangular shape with pleats give this outfit its meaning.  There is something strangely delicate about this strong design.  It gets a huge thumbs up from me. 

You can find Kimmy’s designs on the market place here .

I really do hope you enjoy them as much as I have. 


Pic 1

Hair – Slightly Unusual – Eshi Otawara

Lips – Monochrome lipsticks 010 – .

Gloves – Open if you Dare – Vita’s Boudoir

Shoes – Grace/ black – Desire Heels

Pic 2

Hair – Boon

Lips – Monochrome lipsticks 010 – .

Gloves – Open if you Dare – Vita’s Boudoir

Shoes – Grace/ black – Desire Heels

Ring – part of kuroi outfit by Eshi Otawara

Pic 3

Lips – Monochrome lipsticks 010 – .

Gloves – Open if you Dare – Vita’s Boudoir

Ring – part of kuroi outfit by Eshi Otawara

Flower – Lacosta packaging (yes I loved it so much I used it in the shots).

All poses


Thank you for making it happen :)


This lovely outfit is called FULVIA CHERRY BLOSSOM and it’s from Jador and is currently at  the Mesh Fair

FULVIA CHERRY BLOSSOM includes the dress, hat, shades, earrings and necklace.  The whole ensemble is very beautifully made.

Full schedule of events:
Feb 25 – 1pm    MIX + MESH Opening Show + Party
Feb 29 – 1pm    ALAFOLIE
Feb 29 – 4pm    LADIES WHO LUNCH
Mar 01 – 1pm    MONS
Mar 01 – 5pm    HUCCI
Mar 02 – 1pm    AZOURY
Mar 02 – 2pm    JADOR
Mar 02 – 5pm    TORN
Mar 03 – 1pm    RICIELLI
Mar 03 – 4pm    VERO MODERO
Mar 03 – 5pm    MY PRECIOUS
Mar 07 – 1pm    HOORENBEEK
Mar 07 – 4pm    MOLICHINO
Mar 08 – 1pm    AD CREATIONS
Mar 08 – 2pm    SOLIDEA FOLIES
Mar 09 – 1pm    LOPO
Mar 09 – 2pm    VIOLATOR
Mar 09 – 5pm    AMARELO MANGA
Mar 11 – 12pm   CLOSING PARTY

And don’t forget the flickr contest, full information for the contest can be found by clicking here!

Stay tuned for more!

Mix + Mesh Spring Fashion Fair 


Hair – Girl *27/ Chocolate – Dura

Lips – Cherry Tree – HEADTURNERS

Nails – Scarlett – HEADTURNERS

Ring – Gloria – Finesmith Designs

Pose – Agape

Thank you for making it happen :)

Deesse’s Skins – Terani MESH Dresses

Deesse, more widely known for their skins, have released these dazzling new mesh dresses.  I have 2 of them that I would like to show you.

This is the Terani  MESH dress in blood.  It’s very pretty and just right for Valentine’s day.  The embellishment on the front of the dress makes it striking, so you can easily turn this into something that you would wear to a bar or party.  I like the Little Miss Vixen look though.

This is the dress in beige, which makes it perfect for the spring we are all so eagerly looking forward to.

Terani comes in 5 different sizes to suit different shaped avatars ( a bit like rl pret a porter shopping right?) However be prepared to do a little tweaking to your shape.  That’s quite normal with all mesh clothing.  These dresses move really well with your avatar when you move.  In the image above I am using a pose that I would not normally use with a garment using the system skirt method and you can see that there is no distortion.  That is the beauty of mesh garments.

Here is your limo to Deesse’s Skins, where you will find these and the other striking colours in this collection.  Enjoy your shopping.


Hair – Keri/Dark Mauve- Sixty Nine

Skin – Linn/ light – Glam Affair

Shoes – Coquette Glitter Edition/ red – N-Core (pic 1)

Nara Chunky Pumps/ peach – Nardcotix

Poses – Agape

Thank you for making it happen :D




Bizarre Hair – “Crystal”

Do you like Bizarre things?  I know I do.  Try and stay with me on this one.

Here is the new release from [Bizarre Hair]

This is Bizarre Crystal and it has lots of little goodies and added extras.  I’m wearing hair colour and hairbase Purple Haze, but the wisp I am wearing is blue heaven. You get all the hair colours in one pack. 

The pack also contains the necklace, earrings and hair jewel you see in the image above. 

All the hairbases are included and the hair is coloured by means of a menu contained in the hair attachment.  So the hair is suitable for blondes, brunettes, redheads, or the  dark haired.  

Simply click on the hair to bring up the menu, select “customize”

and then select “attachment” and then from there choose the hair colour that you would like to wear.

You can even mix and match hair colours and wisps. 

To get your lolly, click the hair attachment as above, select “gadgetsthis time and from there you can select lolly. 

The lolly animates your avatar, which is how I got the shot of me poking my tongue out in the nain photograph. 

The same applies to selecting your straw.

This is the most fun I’ve had with hair.  Great stuff huh?

I really hope you like it, I think it’s very innovative.  You can pick yours up at the [Bizarre Hair]Mainstore.

Have fun


Skin and lips – Linn Party – Glam Affair (The Dressing Room)

Eye  make-up – Cheern0

Poses – Agape

Thank you for making it happen :D

AZOURY – Dahlia

Take a look at Azoury Dahlia

As usual Seetan  Mayhem has used a great combination of colours to produce this outfit which contains some military elements.  I just love the whole mix element.  It excites me.

You can find Dahlia in loads of different colours along with other goodies at Azoury France Couture.


Hair – Whiskey II/dark brown – LoQ

Earrings – Kayma Inspiration – Finesmith Designs

Nails – Solid/yellow – Finesmith Designs

Pose – Agape

Thank you for making it happen :)

Gabriel – New Releases… Megu Fur Jacket and Leather One Piece

Gabriel have released some amazing new outfits to keep you warm and snug

The Megu Fur range is among them, take a look…

The outfits include the jacket, dress, belt, tights and boots. 

Other colours include white and brown.












The Megu Fur outfits are great for going out to meet friends, to shop or for whatever you like.  Use them as part of your smart/cas uniform.

They’re in store right now at Gabriel mainstore take a look for yourself.


Hair – Tonnelle/ brown – Chantkare

Jewels – Asia – Finesmith Designs

Handbag – Modern Gypsy

Poses – Manifeste (main)

Agape (smaller pics)

Thank you for making it happen :)

Pipins – Dress Cadeau

Yaaaaaaaaaay for Pipins!

This is Cadeau

This is an epic high fashion gown.  I imagine my self reaching out to touch the sleek texture.   It is so super shiny you can see your own reflection in it. 

Want to make an entrance?  Cadeau won’t let you down. 

Cadeau is available to buy in the gown section of Pipins.

I know you’ll love it :)

Pose: Agape high pose

Gasqhe – Julia skins

Take a look at these great new skins from Gasqhe.

This set of skins is called Julia and comes with several make up options and additional lipsticks to customise your look. 


You can look as subtle or lively as you like with these…


They make me feel like having a night out on the tiles…puurrrrrrr.  Why not join me?  These skins are available at the store now!

See ya there! :D




Jewels – Asia set – Finesmith designs

Hair – Guardian – Epoque

Dress – Dardara – Gasqhe

Poses – Agape

Thank you for making it happen :D