Finesmith Designs – Straw for Fashion Limited



Yula Finesmith has made the Straw set in White and Pink for the Fashion Limited Store and I adore it.

This is an amazing set full of Yula’s trade mark character.  Although entitled straw, each piece is refined and quite glamorous.  I liked it against the black and white background because that is what instantly came into my head when I put it on.  It will inspire each wearer in a different way.  In any case both the white and pink versions are available at the Fashion Limited store at 270L which is half the normal price.  They will be there only for a limited time so do make sure you head that way and get yours while you can. 

Don’t forget to check out all of her new releases at Finesmith Designs Mainstore also.  You won’t be dissapointed.  Have fun shopping! :D


Outfit – Power Suit/Hers- Ladies Who Lunch


Prim teeth – HEADTURNERS

Thank you for making it happen :D

Pipins – Reve de Jour



Take a look at this work of art.

When I first saw the Pipins Reve de Jour I was like “Woooooooooooow!”  I had never actually seen anything like it before and was blown away. The outfit consists of lots of attachments on most of the body parts and is full of colour on a relatively plain and pale base. 

Here is a glimpse of the back of the garment.  Both the texture design and the shape of the garment are abstract. 

This outfit would look totally fabulous on the runway a real show stealer. 

If you would like to get your hands on Reve de Jour, you will find it at the Pipins store.  I know you will totally love it. 



Lipstick – Rainbow Shine – HEADTURNERS

Eyemakeup – Visage- White Swan -Vanity Hair

Shoes – Ankle Boots – Bax

Thank you for making it happen

Deesse’s Skins – Terani MESH Dresses


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Deesse, more widely known for their skins, have released these dazzling new mesh dresses.  I have 2 of them that I would like to show you.

This is the Terani  MESH dress in blood.  It’s very pretty and just right for Valentine’s day.  The embellishment on the front of the dress makes it striking, so you can easily turn this into something that you would wear to a bar or party.  I like the Little Miss Vixen look though.

This is the dress in beige, which makes it perfect for the spring we are all so eagerly looking forward to.

Terani comes in 5 different sizes to suit different shaped avatars ( a bit like rl pret a porter shopping right?) However be prepared to do a little tweaking to your shape.  That’s quite normal with all mesh clothing.  These dresses move really well with your avatar when you move.  In the image above I am using a pose that I would not normally use with a garment using the system skirt method and you can see that there is no distortion.  That is the beauty of mesh garments.

Here is your limo to Deesse’s Skins, where you will find these and the other striking colours in this collection.  Enjoy your shopping.


Hair – Keri/Dark Mauve- Sixty Nine

Skin – Linn/ light – Glam Affair

Shoes – Coquette Glitter Edition/ red – N-Core (pic 1)

Nara Chunky Pumps/ peach – Nardcotix

Poses – Agape

Thank you for making it happen :D




Mea Culpa – Valentia Del Toro


Welcome again, hope you have all had a great weekend.

I am so proud to be presenting Mea Culpa’s Valentia Del Toro.

Recognise it?  Well for those of you who are not familiar with the “Miss Virtual World” Second Life pageant, this gown was worn by Miss Spain, the beautiful Miss Shena Neox who looked absolutely divine in it.  Mea Culpa designer Tatanka Kaligawa created this highly detailed work of art with the Spanish theme running right through it.  You can see the bull’s horns in this true avante garde piece.

Here is a glimpse of the back where you can appreciate the detail in the train. 

I have seen Shena wearing it and she really made this dress work for her. 

You can purchase your very own piece of Spain here, at the Mea Culpa Mainstore.

You too will fall in love with it.


Hair – Boon


Fans – SHENA – Finesmith Designs

Nails – Metallic Nails – Finesmith Designs

Thank you for making it happen :D


Mix ‘n’ Mesh

I’m wearing an entire mesh outfit which I put together from collections belonging to different designers.  This was for a casting.


Style card

Pullover: Nataly mesh pullover/wool black – LeeZu
Pants- Nikola trousers/ pitch – Celoe
Boots – Ren /black – [Lelutlka]
Bag – Leather satchel / mustard – Maitreya
Shades- Custom eyewear – Gos
Earrings – Scatterheart/oxydized- Finesmith Designs
Hair- Hair Attachment for Hats/black – LoQ
Lips – Headturners

Nailcolour – Headturners
Watch- Starfish Couture Diamond watch – JCNY
My Wedding Ring (:D) – Heart’s Desire – *RH Engel
Thank you for making it happen :D


[LeeZu] – Nataly Mesh Pullover and Nuage Mesh Skirt

[LeeZu] have created some more mesh seperates to liven up your wardrobe and as usual they are fab.

This is the LeeZu Nuage beige ruffle mesh skirt with the black mesh pullover.  They are just awesome together although you can wear them which ever way you want.  The textures used in the clothing is 2nd to none. 

This is the mauve pullover with the bubblegum Nuage skirt. 

The Nuage skirt is very flattering to the figure, while the pullover gives any outfit that certain edge.  These are brilliant pieces to carry through to spring.

Here, I’ve put the olivebrown pullover with the plain Brown skirt.

You’ll find these along with lots of other LeeZu goodies at  [LeeZu's] mainstoreDo enjoy! :D


Hair – Kate/ black – Kik

Ovis aries/ blode – Kik

Boots – Shearling/Bistre – Maitreya

Shoes – Essence/ Noir intense – N-Core

Thank you for making it happen :D

blackLiquid MAKEUP – Lipglosses




have you seen these yet? 

These are the simply luscious lipglosses created by blackLiquid.  They really make a girl stand out.  They are available in many colours to suit yours needs.  I have a few colours here to show you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I don’t currently have a landmark for you, but please feel free to contact blackLiquid if you would like on one of them.


Hairbase – Likeli

Poses – HEADTURNERS (available soon)


Thank you for making it happen :D

Bizarre Hair – “Crystal”


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Do you like Bizarre things?  I know I do.  Try and stay with me on this one.

Here is the new release from [Bizarre Hair]

This is Bizarre Crystal and it has lots of little goodies and added extras.  I’m wearing hair colour and hairbase Purple Haze, but the wisp I am wearing is blue heaven. You get all the hair colours in one pack. 

The pack also contains the necklace, earrings and hair jewel you see in the image above. 

All the hairbases are included and the hair is coloured by means of a menu contained in the hair attachment.  So the hair is suitable for blondes, brunettes, redheads, or the  dark haired.  

Simply click on the hair to bring up the menu, select “customize”

and then select “attachment” and then from there choose the hair colour that you would like to wear.

You can even mix and match hair colours and wisps. 

To get your lolly, click the hair attachment as above, select “gadgetsthis time and from there you can select lolly. 

The lolly animates your avatar, which is how I got the shot of me poking my tongue out in the nain photograph. 

The same applies to selecting your straw.

This is the most fun I’ve had with hair.  Great stuff huh?

I really hope you like it, I think it’s very innovative.  You can pick yours up at the [Bizarre Hair]Mainstore.

Have fun


Skin and lips – Linn Party – Glam Affair (The Dressing Room)

Eye  make-up – Cheern0

Poses – Agape

Thank you for making it happen :D

Solidea Folies – Moroccan Spice

Mila Tatham of Solidea Folies has created this breathtaking piece, called Moroccan Spice and I totally love it.  I don’t want to take it off, so I won’t for a while.  It’s so pretty and elegant and very girly. 


It consists of a tattoo layer for both the top and bottom, featuring stars on the top and a symmetrical design on the bottom.

The tattoo layer top has a cool design on the back as well.

The skirt is stunning with ruffles and a spray of tiny spheres willing you to dance.  The matching top and floral head-dress perfectly ties the whole look together.  This is a must have.  Morrocan Spice will be availabe soon at the Fan Limited Store.  Look out for the LM


Style card

Hair – small bun/ black – Papaer Couture

Earrings – Laeticia/ Gold 18k – Finemith Designs

Nails – Metallic nails – Finesmith Designs

Belly Jewel – My Heart Button (Valentine kit) – Finesmith Designs

Shoes –  Obssession – N-Core

Poses – Morgane’s Shoot – Icy Pleasures
Thank your for making it happen :D


Finesmith Designs – MVW Rissa Tribal Glam Formal


I am wearing the same jewels that the very beautiful Miss Australia and 1st runner up to the title of Miss Virtual Rissa Frilla wore with her formal outfit.

Yula has really captured Rissa’s essence with this fine delicate and unique set.  Yula has created the waves of Autralia and brought them to us in the form of precious metals and stones.  This set and many more as worn by MVW finalists are available at Finesmith Designs mainstore, ready for you to own.

See you there! :)

Style card

Dress – Soie et Taffetas/rose – AlaFolie

Hair – Desire- Osmose

Nails – Headturners

Pose – Morgane Batista (jewellery set)



Thank you for making it happen. :D


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